AT RISE: Hey, You’re Pretty Cool

Thursday, January 28th 2021


AT RISE: Mom is working at the table. Boy gets up from his computer desk nearby. It’s been quite the day in the Distance Learning Environment and it’s quitting time.

BOY: [Stands up, takes off headphones, tosses them on desk.] Hey! [Walks over to mom.] You’re pretty cool! [Bends over to hug mom around shoulders.]

MOM: [Engrossed in writing an email.]. Wha… huh?

BOY: [Releases hug, starts walking away.] And that’s the highest honor I can bestow upon you. [Pause.] And now I’m going to take a Big Dump!

MOM: Oh! Well, ok then!

BOY: [Heads into bathroom.]. And I’m going to use YOUR bathroom too. So ha HA! [Slams door, but softly.]



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