Adventures in Food: Fresh Pasta Night

Wednesday, January 27th 2021


A Feast de Resistance


I’m at the dining room table in the afternoon, yet my eyes are glued to my daughter in the kitchen where she is quietly making fresh pasta. I don’t like cliches but I can’t get past “quiet determination.” What a workout; leveraging her body weight into the three magical ingredients to knead it, fold it, press it, roll it, cut it, and do it again. Go Girl!


ClaraJane making fresh pasta


Of course for Daddy, “Fresh Pasta Night” includes a heaping “side” of chicken (or however you say “Protein,” in a low, monosyllabic, grunt). It is simmering in a bubbling stew of onions, carrots, bell peppers, garlic and that magical Chef Paul Effect that surpasses a mere monosyllable.


CJ may have made the pasta, but she’s still fired up about the CHICKEN.


How I plated mine, not very intentionally:

My heavy handed dusting of parmesan obscures the subtleties of Paul’s lovely textures.

I’m not even a fan of watercress, but it was the perfect compliment to this rich cozy meal. I’m gulping down the scrumptious pairing and some is falling out my mouth. I catch my husband’s loving gaze and yell, “DON’T LOOK AT ME!”


And now, Chef’s plate:


A Chef’s Eye View


And there you have it, Auntie Lolo. A Wednesday night dinner with your brother.

But that we could fast forward to when we can all share with you once again I.R.L.

Just promise you won’t look at me.



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