Pet Chronicles: Fat Cat

Monday, January 25th 2021

CJ delivers Peter Parker to the vet tech at PetMedic in Watertown MA.


I am a pet owner who just paid $130 to be told my cat is not, in fact, sick.


Parky Baby endures the car ride back home.

He’s just FAT.


I know how this happened.

On Thanksgiving this past year is when we sadly buried our most rambunctious, hilarious -if obnoxious- bunny, Boomsy.

Boomsy used to chase and nip and bully Peter Parker. Parker had to strategize carefully how he would get his R&R, and there was little of it to be had.

Now we are two months out; no dominant bunny, no problem. Also no exercise. It’s gotten so bad that instead of leaping gracefully up onto my lap (or *shoulder* god forbid), he just looks at me plaintively. Instead of jumping up shark-like to gobble a treat, he reaches his paw up and points to it, longingly.


Parker contemplates how the new cat toy feels fluttering against his BELLY
while he just LIES there.



Dear Hubsand points out this cat is still imminently qualified to perform his chief duties: sprawling out on my lap, or chest, or foot of the bed.

How long until he can do all three at once?



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