CircusKitchen Halloween 2020

Saturday, October 31st 2020

Immaculate Church on Halloween

For a holiday during this pandemic, we could have done worse.


2020-10-31 CircusKitchen Halloween 2020 [2:14]:


(L) CJ recruits a Trick or Treat partner; (Top R) North American Wife & Husband
(Bottom R) Candy Chute Monster


Earlier in the day we even had CJ’s “Greedy Monster” friends over for a little outdoor gathering for which Lucia had chosen a pinata in the shape of a question mark; presumably intended for a gender-reveal party but everyone agreed anything goes in 2020.

Question mark pinata, Halloween festivities and Gavin as the ever convincing Slenderman.


What a year.


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1 Response to CircusKitchen Halloween 2020

  1. MIMI BREED says:

    A HALLELUJAH HALLOWEEN! So great… I look forward to next year when the vaccinated can congregate around the pumpkins.


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