AT RISE: Special Delivery


AT RISE: It is snowing outside. BOY is at his desk on the computer with headphones. DAUGHTER is at the table on her computer. WIFE is folding laundry on the couch. The door opens to DaddyLove arriving back home from work, covered in flakes of snow and carrying a box of pizza.

DAUGHTER: Ooooooh!! Pizza! [Jumps up.] Pizzaaaaaaah!!!

DLOVE: [Puts pizza down.]

DAUGHTER: [Reaching up to Daddy.] UP-py! UP-py! UP-py!

DLOVE: Hang on. I’m not ready for that. I have to go to the bathroom! And kiss my wife. [Bends down to kiss wife.]

WIFE: [Kisses husband.]. But not in that order, right?

DLOVE: Not in that order.

DAUGHTER: But!! I might not see you for half an hour, if you’re going to the bathroom! [Hugs Daddy.]

DLOVE: [Hugs back.] Well you might be right. I did have cheese. So… better let me go.

DAUGHTER: [Let’s him go.]

DLOVE: [Goes into bathroom. Closes door.]



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