Zoology Morning

Tuesday, September 29th 2020

Around the start of “school” this morning, I look out the window to our little urban yard and see a magnificent bird of prey standing there, tense but still, stalking something in the underbrush.

Bam! It pounces. The kids and I watch as it shreds and eats it’s prize. The kids think it’s a red tailed hawk, and we hope the prey is not a bunny. After a few minutes the bird flies the rest of its breakfast up into a nearby tree.

ClaraJane goes down for a closer look and both she and the bird seem startled by this close encounter. She also determines the unlucky prey was a pigeon.

No doubt my photographic efforts fail, but it was riveting and exhilarating to watch; such wildness right under our noses.

2020-09-29 Zoology Morning [0:29]:

It was electrifying even.


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1 Response to Zoology Morning

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    whoa! Sure looks like a hawk to me. Good visual on the predator. Electrifying. Running for the school bus you probably all would have missed it. So far Mary prefers online. IRL school, she says, is a place where “you get bossed,” and “wash your hands a lot.” At home the week’s assignments are usually finished by midweek. Well, it’s kindergarten, which didn’t even used to exist. And at home she, of course, is usually the boss. And sometimes exciting people like Evvy O’Neil or Alexa Arsenault are her teacher’s aide here. Kisses to G & CJ; I miss them.

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