Celebrating Today

Saturday, September 26th 2020

My schedule is so open today it doesn’t even appear on the weekly view of my Google Calendar. After some substantial adulting online and in person, Manmeat makes other plans and I take the kids. We head out to our favorite establishment for a treat in celebration of getting through this first week of school. Also Gavin’s great performance in baseball last night.


Boy is too hangry -and perhaps Tweenie- to engage in much human interaction before the meal. (Although the second a celery stick with tangy mustard hits his brain he springs to life.)

Meanwhile Girl -drunk with power over her newly inherited watch phone- peppers me with digital messages from across the table:

😹… I KNOW!

After eating I figure they’ll be more up for human interaction.

Not so.

While there are a few scant disadvantages to having Readers as children. But none that I would trade for.

CJ zips around the block on her scooter a few times:

Gavin apparently knows how to both tip well on the tab AND fake my signature:

And that’s a wrap of taking my kids out so I can stare at them by myself in celebration of everything they are.

They LOVE it!!!!

Aaaand…. we’re off.



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