At Rise: Homeschool Gym Class

Tuesday, September 22nd 2020


AT RISE: Mom is in the kitchen turning on the oven and scooping two containers of beautiful looking school-lunch spaghetti into the iron skillet. The two kids are in the living room at their desks.

MOM:  [Notices the time.]. CJ? Did you say your next class is at 1:30?

CJ:  Yeah.

MOM:  Gym class, right?

CJ:  Yeah.

MOM:  OK well you’ve got about 1 minute, because it’s 1:29.

CJ:  Frick! Ahh! Really? That was 20 minutes?

MOM:  Yes, time passes crazy fast sometimes!

CJ:  Yeah it does!

MOM:  I wonder if we need like Alexa or a cuckoo clock or some chimes or something to go off like every half hour?

CJ:  Yeah.

[Several minutes later Mom sees CJ still hanging out at her desk.]

MOM:  Did class not start yet?

CJ:  Well I’m logged in, but Mr. Gil hasn’t joined the meeting yet!

MOM:   Hmm. [Pause.]. I wonder if there’s a way for you to check in with any of your classmates. You know, like, “Hey Josh! We’re you able to get into the meeting?” or something.

CJ:  There IS!

MOM:  Oh great! Well I guess I can’t help you with that so… [Goes back to heating lunch in the kitchen.]

CJ:  [Click clack clack.]. He CHANGED the link! [Exasperated sigh.]

MOM:  That is so frustrating!

CJ:  Yeah. It IS. [Click clack click.]

[Moments later, CLONK!]

CJ:  Ahh! A little help! [The privacy screen has fallen over. Again.]

MOM:  [Moves privacy screen and some other furniture to make room for exercise.]

CJ:  Oh! I’m gonna go get on some actual pants. [Runs to get them then comes back and changes on the floor where she can see the class but they can’t see her. Starts to exercise again.]

CJ:  Man I could really use some wire-free headphones for this!

MOM:  Well, how ‘bout you just unplug them and you can listen through the computer speaker?

CJ:  [Looks at Mom suspiciously.]

MOM:  It’s okay honey. It’s fine! It’s gym class for goodness sake. You deserve to move!

CJ:  [Unplugs headphones. Resumes exercise. Mr. Gil’s calming, kind voice wafts through the domicile as he gently coaxes the kids through the paces.]

MOM:  [Goes back to the kitchen to finish warming up lunch. And to furiously Blog-for-Sanity.]

MR. GIL:  Excellent. Now jumping jacks. 1…2…3… Garrett, please put that away. …8…9…10. Great! Now if anyone has any positive comments you want to say, just raise your hand.

[Moments later.]

CJ:  Whew! Well THAT was short. And I think I’m done with school for the day!  [Walks over to dining room table and sits down.]

MOM:  Woohoo!  Wow that was fast.  Alright then honey here’s your lunch.

CJ:  I love you Mommy. 💕 [Blows kiss.]

MOM:  I love you too honey. [Bends over for kiss and hug.]

CJ:   [Hugs back.  Sprinkles grated cheese over her bowl of spaghetti.]



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