R.I.P. Fluff the Mighty Bunny

July 15th 2020


Fluff. A good pet.


Fluff’s health has been in decline for quite some time.  She was so weak this past Sunday I almost took her camping with us so I could coddle her and supplement her diet with Pedialyte from a pipette.  I opted instead to leave her in the comfort of her own home (retirement condo!), and made sure our young neighbors who feed the animals when we’re away knew for sure that Fluff’s health was in the balance and to not feel personally responsible no matter what happened.  Fortunately, Fluff stayed alive while in their care.  But by the time we got home Wednesday afternoon, Fluff had expired and was peacefully sleeping a permanent nap.

July 16th:  The kids feel Fluff should be buried next to her babies –Wiggles, Peanut & Wonton– whom we buried in 2015.  See:



Off to Plymouth we go.

2020-07-16 RIP Fluff [0:53]:


Bless you Fluff! 

Bless all the joy you brought. 

And bless your mighty, fluffy little heart.

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