Bunny Diaries – R.I.P. Wiggles Forever

Sunday, April 12th 2015

2015-04-12 16.16.10-2

For myself and dear erstwhile readers who may have gotten ensnared in the madness of Crazy Bunny Lady Diaries last year, I present some closure.

Here’s what I couldn’t bring myself to write at the time; Wiggles didn’t make it.

While this is no longer news, my being able to write it IS.   We lovingly wrapped up his expired adorably body and, um, *preserved* them in the freezer of my generous sister-in-law (whose heart knows no bounds when it comes to animals).  And now alas with the thaw of Spring, we seized the very first opportunity to finally lay them to rest, in the woods of Plymouth.

The Bridge:

Rainbow Girl Bridge

Rainbow Girl

Stump marks the spot

Stump marks the spot

We dig a hole then go get Daddy:

Power Tool Boys

Power Tool Boys

Dead Bunny - Do Not Eat

Dead Bunny – Do Not Eat

Wiggs is gone, but here is is his sweet body (the kids insisted on one last viewing):

Bunny Lying in State

Lying in State

The Funeral:

2015-04-12 CircusKitchen Bunny Funeral [1min,15 secs]:

Awkward Moment

Paws to Reflect

Another moment of solemn reflection, and then;

We're Free!

We’re Free!

She said again;

We're Free!

We’re Free!


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1 Response to Bunny Diaries – R.I.P. Wiggles Forever

  1. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    Bye, Wiggles. Thanks for everything.

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