AT RISE Homeschool Edition: Mean Ol’ Marm

Tuesday, April 14th 2020


AT RISE:  It is mid-morning at home.  Mom and Dad are deep into Homeschool Custodial Duties as the children work on schoolwork at their desks.

MOM: [To Boy]  Whatcha workin’ on Babe?

GAVIN:  Oh, a “Tribute Poem.”

MOM:  [Jokingly] To ME?

GAVIN:  No. Dad.

MOM:   Really!?  I was just kidding.  [Pause.]  But… you didn’t want to write it about MOI?

GAVIN:  Well you were being really mean at the time, so… too bad!

MOM:  [Joking.]  Well maybe if you weren’t such a jerk I wouldn’t be so mean!

GAVIN:  Oh come ON!  You were just telling me if I wasn’t such a great “self-directed learner” that you would be “sunk.

MOM:  [Pause.]  You’re right.  Fair enough.  I deserve that.


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