Blue April Fool

Wednesday, April 1st 2020


I know the news is not good for our health these days,  but I don’t know how to NOT gaze upon it.  By 8:30am this morning I am about cooked.  That orange fucking narcissist in the White House sent 17.8 tons of PPE to China amid this pandemic (even as he tries to call it a name that is racist to Chinese.  I do not f#cking get it.)  Doctors and nurses are reusing masks and gowns, and dying along with countless patients.   And STILL the Red Hats want to kiss the Great Orange Ass.

I *WANT* to sew masks.  But due to homeschooling and the frothing of financial tasks –and the ONE nightly song challenge I selfishly perform for my sanity– I DON’T HAVE TIME.

Folks supposedly be having all this free time during this Quarantine but I just don’t see it.

I’m ready to give up for the day.


Aaaand… dear daughter just brought over my unfinished wine from last night that she found.  Haven’t had cofvefe yet.  Better finish the wine first…




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1 Response to Blue April Fool

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    A bandana is probably as effective as a homemade cotton or storebought paper mask, and has the added advantage of making you look like a cowboy bandit.

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