Homeschool Times – Pajama Day Edition

Friday, March 27th 2020

Today in Coronavirus Quarantine Homeschooling it is Friday, the end of our second week at home, and -hooray- Pajama Day.


First Up, Mom checks in with work.

2020-03-27 Joke of the Day feat. Hubsand [1:06]:


Next Up:  After doing math all morning, ClaraJane video conferences with her actual school teachers.

2020-03-27 ClaraJane Shares Poetry with Her Teachers Online [0:41]:


In addition to his regular curriculum today, Gavin dabbles in electrical engineering.

2020-03-27 Gavin’s First Adventure with Elecrical Engineering [1:26]:


Then he promptly gets online in time for a quiz game with his Spanish Class:


And –after an epic battle all afternoon– Daddy & CJ celebrate completing her perspective narrative writing assignment (which turned out awesome btw)!


Alas, we are now done with Week Two and Day 10 of Quarantine Homeschooling.

I can hardly believe how far we’ve come.  I’m learning so much tech my head legit hurts.

I’m ready for a drink.


I’m ready for a drinks.

And *still* there are teachers lobbing in more “Distance Learning Material.”

And *still* there are “friends” who want to “share ideas of what to do with your kids while you’re hanging out at home.”

Hanging out.  

“Hanging out.”

Where’s my drinks?


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1 Response to Homeschool Times – Pajama Day Edition

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    TGIF was never so welcome? Well, full-bore humanties-through-engineering U-N-I-V-E-R-S-I-T-Y! Founding an educational institution — no wonnder you’re tapped out. Tell e.e. cummings I liked her poem very much. And tell eeeelectrical eeeengineer he is very BRIGHT! So is da-da, he furnished your punch lines. While growing a mustache!!!

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