Take Your Daughter to Work Juggler Style

Wednesday, February 19th 2020


(My “permanent” lipstick does the best it can after I’ve blown up 100 balloons.)


OK I can die happy.

I don’t want to bragg or be immodest but I must share what happened to me today because I imagine it is something few parents get to experience.

So I had a gig today -my juggling show- at our exquisite local Main Branch Library in Cambridge MA.  More than that, my daughter (8½ y/o) opted to come with.  In fact she put her hair up like mine and performed a song with me too (“Wanna Be Like You”).  And although we had agreed she could sneak out into the library stacks if she wanted, she opted to stay for the whole show.  (In fact providing a little side show of bubbles for a small child herself, without even creating any disruption.)

Afterwards, once everyone left, she looked at me and said, “WOW.”

“Oh?” I say.

Then she said, “I respect you!

Keflumpt, I stammer, “Oh, because of managing all the people and everything?”

She nods.  “AND you have to do it multiple times!”

(She is right, albeit just not today, thankfully.)

“I TOTALLY understand if you take a nap after this.”

(Something I rarely do, but probably should.)

Then later, once we pack up, say goodbye to everyone, drag all the gear back to the car, load it up and get in, the car door closes with a definitive “thunk.”  She must have noticed that satisfying contrast of finally being OUT from all the noise of the gig, and INSIDE the quiet and comforting chamber of the car.  She reaches over, rests her hand on my arm and wordlessly guides us both through a deep cleansing inhale and exhale.

“Thank you,” I tell her.

“Thank YOU,” she says.

“Good day honey?” I ask.

“Yeah,” she nods, “EXHAUSTING day!”

“I know,” I say, “My show is exhausting to watch.  I get that a lot.  Um… can I take your picture?”

“Yes,” she says, “But no blogging.

“OK,” I say, [click]. “You want to see it?”

I show her the picture and she says, “OK fine you can blog it.”



Stunned and exhausted girl.




Lucky, Lucky Mom + Magical Daughter



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