OBERHAUSER STORYTIME with Grandpa Paul 2019

November 29th 2019

TOP: Sue and Paul BELOW L-R: Jesus, Anna, Sue, Jane, “Little” Paul, Paul Sr., Janelle, ClaraJane, Joseph, Gavin, Roger, Alicia, Pete, Jackson, Daryl (photo by Jennifer)


Lordy the man can talk.  Does he have some good stories though!

So go on; empty your bladder, grab a snack and get comfy ‘cuz this is gonna take a while.

      *       *       *

We pick up this story during a blizzard which took place during Paul’s senior year in high school, in November of 1953.

2019-11-29 STORY TIME – Grandpa Paul’s Greatest Hits [1:16:00]:

[Production Note:  No apologies for the quality of the spontaneously generated video.  It is what it is; priceless!]


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