To: MOM! Invoice “Form” CJ

Friday, November 15th 2019

Yes I make my children invoice me for their allowance.  And lately I have been dabbling in NOT REMINDING them to invoice me.  So imagine my delight when Dear Daughter runs to me tonight saying, “I don’t know where the invoice pad is so I wrote this one myself!”

(It quickly got wrinkled by a cat sitting upon it.)
                • What: All(owance)
                • How Many:  2 (weeks)
                • How Much:  16.00 (ie; $8/week x 2 weeks)
                • To:  Mom
                • When:  NOW
                • Grand Total Do:  $16.00

Not bad, especially for eight years old!

Then we went to Target and by the time we got there she drew and gave me this:

to: Mom! form: CJ titel: the rose.


Here she is tearing through the FIFTH Harry Potter book, and asking for a teeny tiny microscope, respectively:


When we got home she made these for me and Daddy:

(Mine has a clown face in it.)


All this in a couple short hours with her brother away on a sleepover.

My god I love mine, yet I don’t know how people have –that is, RAISE– more than two kids.


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