Daddy & CJ: While I Was Away

November 11th 2019


The twins.


Oh my.   These two.

I knew that left to her own devices, ClaraJane would know exactly how to operate her dad by herself while Gavin and I were away.  The results do not disappoint.

First up, notes before I leave:


Texts while away:


Operate Daddy and How:



And now that we are back, here she is at the bus stop:


Reading (Harry Potter #4) in mosaic camouflage


And because she caught me at school (and because I cannot get enough of her):


And last but not least, DaddyLove:


DLove in cozy shirt with female dog


He may not fit in a single selfie shot, but there are two things I know;

1) He’s got a lovely new cozy shirt there for me to snuggle, and,

2) Some bitch be moving in on my territory!


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