My Son’s Existential Taste in Pop Culture

October 11th 2019

del existential awakening

Googled “cartoon image of existential awakening”


Compensating for my own upbringing, I vowed to always tell my kids the truth and keep them informed.  (It seemed a cute little game to just B.S. kids in the 70’s, and stay blithely unaware of their sentient capabilities.  But note; I’m thankful for ALL the cards I’ve been dealt, even as I exercise my privilege to deal *new* ones to my own kids.)

Sometimes I wonder if I take it too far, considering I don’t want to rob them of the innocence of their childhoods, which are fleeting fast enough already.  All the same, check out these fascinating pieces of work my (ELEVEN YEAR OLD) son found and showed me recently:


Life is “FUN!”- Ft. Boyinaband (Official Music Video) [4:00]:



Don’t Stay in School [3:17]:



It’s all so profound, and true.  I personally entertain mortal thoughts virtually all the time, which helps me appreciate what I have (and prepare to someday not have any of it).  But I don’t expect an ELEVEN YEAR OLD to do so.

And I’ve really be stuck on… “I don’t know what LAWS there are…”

Perfect strategy to keep the servant class oppressed, but I digress.

OK I’ll just leave it there then!

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