Parenting: Free Money!

Wednesday, October 9th 2019

Boy:  “Hey Mom!  Do you have any more FREE MONEY!?”

Me:  “Great question honey!  I don’t know; I’ll check!”

I go check one more spot in the house there might be some spare change from pockets.


Kids rolling up coins


We are all home on a bonus free Wednesday for Yom Kippur.  We’ve opted to work on LIFE REPAIR.  And blessedly in this case, that includes finances.  While DLove & I have the privilege of checking bank accounts and paying bills (aka: “Invoices for Blessings Already Received,”)  I have pressured the kids to;

1) Get up-to-date on submitting me their INVOICES for their ALLOWANCE,

2) Redeem their “PARENT POINT” tokens they receive as rewards for random desireable moments and deeds,

3) Collect and count all the SPARE CHANGE they can find, and

4) Prepare their deposits for the BANK.

Yes I make them invoice me for their allowance!  I don’t know a lot about finance, but I do understand the gig economy, and the fact that if you can generate an INVOICE, you can monetize almost ANY hustle into some form of income.  They receive one dollar per year of age per week; currently $11/week for him, $8/week for her.


They are expected to deposit that money, plus any other income they receive, into their Savings Account at the bank.  But they may retain 10% of that for spending money to blow on whatever they want.  How else ya gonna learn?  (And they actually get to keep *50%* of “Parent Point” money for spending.  Woohoo!)   

Meanwhile the Savings Account is there to help pay for unknown significant expenses To-Be-Determined in the future (I imagine a high school trip to Europe, for example).   Gavin has already used $700 of his savings to buy his entire new desktop computer setup for Junior High.  She has been encouraged to get herself the REAL microscope she so desires.

Here is the letter I wrote to them this fall reminding them of these concepts:

2019-09 to GLO &CJ re Saving Money - JPG

Anyway, lapse over (for now).

“This is like, over 15 dollars!”


Gratifying deposits today.

CJ Prepares her deposit at the bank


And in other news today I even paid off my ding-dang car. 🚗

It only took me seven years. 🙀

Hopefully it’ll keep running at least a couple more days. 😹



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