Hospital Clowning: Trouble Walking

Thursday, September 12th 2019

silly walk


I am following Dr. Mal as we enter a waiting room at Boston Children’s Hospital, but we immediately start disputing who was supposed to go first After a bit of clown bickering, we ask the sole patient in the room for permission to try a “Do-Over.”  Dr. Mal chops the air while saying “ERASE!  ERASE!  ERASE!”  We of courses try multiple more times and fail.  Either Mal is entering first or I’m doing it backwards or shaking my butt towards the child and getting reprimanded, etc.  Finally we turn to the boy and ask if he could help us.  He agrees, solemnly walks over, places his hands in his pockets, turns to face the waiting room, and walks in.  We follow and, VOILA!  We did it!  He “SAVED” us!  Where would we be without him?

This story is my favorite today because of so many elements we strive for:

  1. It is a game
  2. The game came spontaneously out of the moment, authentically. 
  3. It involves “dumb” clown-head brain-logic. 
  4. We put the child in charge (first by asking permission).


Now that I write this I realize I am violating one of the principles of my beloved mentor Avner; “Don’t feign incompetence.” 

Hmm… that may be a hard one.

We’ll see.


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