When Your Bunnies Go Viral Feeling the Bern

Sunday, June 30th 2019

As if meeting up yesterday with my *Boyfriend* wasn’t enough, today I learned that my #BunniesforBernie made Bernie’s Instagram! By the time I found out there were nearly 30,000 likes and counting (now nearly 38,000)!

So today I had to learn a little Instagram.

Here is where his campaign posted Fluff & Nutter’s pic on his Insta:



And here is where this cute video clip posted them on his Insta *Story* (FWIW):


And of the 500+ scintillating comments so far, here are some of my favorites:

Maybe Fluff & Nutter will finally get their own Insta.

As for the political prowess of bunnies, I guess we’ll have to find out.


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