My Boyfriend Bernie and Me

Saturday, June 29th 2019





After my gig for a special family in Merrimac MA, it was less than an hour over to Bernie’s campaign office opening event in Nashua, New Hampshire. That my schedule happened to allow this is a miracle for which I will always be grateful.

After changing from sweaty juggler costume into favorite Bernie T, I had to bring the bunnies. (Way too hot to leave them in car).


Naturally the folks at the media table were all too happy to be joined by these two Bernie fans.

Media Check-In Table

After a few people spoke -including Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream fame- in walked the Man Himself! This may be my *fourth* personal date with my boyfriend, but it never gets old!


He spoke for 18 minutes during which I couldn’t quell the excitement in my hands while I live-streamed on Facebook.

2019-06-29 Bernie @Nashua NH HQ Opening [18:20]:

Then he invited everyone for selfies! (The crowd in the office was measured at about 220 people).

To repeat:

I said, “Love you Bernie!l

He smiled and said, “Thank you.”

You guys this is REAL (love)!

A couple different reporters interviewed me; one from The American Prospect Magazine and one from “CBS News online.”

THEN I was served (my favorite flavor Cherry Garcia) Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream by Ben Cohen himself!

The “former most famous man in Vermont.” (o;



Keep Calm and Feel the Bern!



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