Pot Prisoners Before Pot Profits

Thursday, June 27th 2019

del pot is okay now

“Marijuana is OK Now”


Now that pot is legal and dispensaries are opening, I stopped by our Cambridge City Hall ordinance meeting about Cannabis Business Permitting.

I cannot wrap my heart around this explosive profit bonanza without the release of  incarcerated persons who are serving sentences for the very drug transactions we are so eagerly legislating.

In my sweaty hospital t-shirt, with no legal insight or prepared statement, I used crib notes, awkward phrasing, starts, stutters and incomplete sentences.  But I did do my best to find my voice in the moment to speak on behalf of those who don’t get to have one.

My bit starts in the video here at 1:51:30, for less than three minutes:



I know my statement is a tiny, awkward drop in a bucket, but I definitely felt heard and supported by people in (& out of) the chamber, and a grateful to our tireless councilors.  One of them even texted me afterwards:


And she also said my comments were:


“thoughtful and appreciated!!”


And the best part is, ClaraJane watched it on our local TV station with Daddy and was so excited that she covered our door in wrapping paper for me to break through and then  showered me in confetti!



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