My Sister Broke My Baby!

Thursday, June 27th 1019

When I get home in the evening my daughter tells me all about this spectacular unexpected day she had where my sister brought her home for a bunch of hours FULL of a bunch of other little kids,  Slip-n-Slide, mac-n-cheese, PB&J, hot dogs, cousins, The Magic Schoolbus, more Slip-n-Slide, and even a fancy, shmancy pedicure.

Then my daughter goes (click here for power down sound effect):

Roller Girl Met Her Match


Look, I am a *professional* children’s entertainer, but I have never taken legal responsibility for a whole pile of those little f#ckers and chaperoned them careening down the yard on streams of water, cooked meals for them or painted their toenails.  Much less WHILE wrangling my own latest, heavy-ass baby.   And *I* am the one known as a heavy lifter and juggler, lol.   I can barely get my own two kids to brush their teeth.

Naturally my sister did this all on minuscule amounts of sleep after empowering pregnant women in labor to deliver their own babies all night long.

How do you spell “superhero?”

I’ll tell you how.  It’s spelled, “M-I-D-W-I-F-E.”


Thanks Auntie Amanda!

You are AMAZING.

And still rocking it as the very BEST Godmother ever!!


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