USA Trip by Gavin & Naveen

June 2019

OMG here is Gavin & Naveen’s final project for 5th grade; a virtual cross country trip around the USA.  Enjoy!


2019-06 USA Trip by Gavin & Naveen [4:40 +2 random mins of music]:


Here’s more about the project, according to the school weekly:

In Library/Technology Class, Upper Elementary students planned an imaginary summer vacation. They had $10,000 and 30 days to travel to all 5 regions of the USA. They researched and planned an itinerary, then created a faux Scrapbook video. Check out their final products!

USA Trip Adrian & Bruce:

Anthony & Yona:

Sarah Violet USA:

Ruth & Jasper:

Ros Tech Trip:

Hazel & Stefi The Real 1:


FWIW:  Third Graders also did a technology project:

Green Screen Fun
In Technology class, the 3rd graders recently completed a green screen video project based on their expert book topic or a person they studied in their biography unit in Library.

Take a look at these videos!
Video 1
Video 2
Video 3

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  1. Bubble Wow says:

    Cool project!

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