A Jenny the Juggler Show in Tewksbury MA

Wednesday, June 12th 2019

2019-06-12 JTJ in Tewksbury.jpg


So, here in unedited, unadulterated glory is AN example of my show, generously filmed in its entirety by the local TV station in the Town of Tewksbury, MA.

It’s neither my best show nor my best audience, perhaps due in part to my failure to get my sound system to work,  which is why my voice –recorded intimately by the camera man– is on the forceful end of end of the spectrum.

Also:  It’s a simple fact that live interactive shows just don’t translate well to video.

So just; Ignore!

Tewksbury Family Concert Series: Jenny the Juggler (2019) [48:46]:


PS:  I generally avoid viewing footage of my own show at ALL costs.  Somehow I was able to get through all of this one (over like, 10 days, lol).


PPS:  FWIW actually they did edit out the parts where:

  1. I out-loud acknowledged and thanked the WRONG SPONSOR for my show (doh!) and,
  2. I had to charmingly deal with, discipline and disperse these two dumfounding asshole dads who were WHITE-MANSPREADING their boistrous ongoing dialogue about themselves with each other just adjacent to my stage right.  Motherfuckers.  (Because the TV mic was on my person you can’t hear them in the video, but they were so loud I was struggling feverishly to even hear my thoughts and keep the sequence of events strait in my head and keep the show together.  WHITE MAN FUCKERS!)


Note to Self:  I need to write a song to directly serenade (white-man, sometimes white-mom) fuckers for that specific circumstance right in the middle of my goddamn show.  #BLARGH!!!

PPS:  I know I know; “patient” children’s entertainer throwing down the F-bomb everywhere.  WELCOME TO MY BLOG!


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