Gavin’s First Foray in the City Alone

Saturday, June 1st 2019

del mental square 2019-06-03 09.58.11.jpg


Because of ClaraJane’s audition on Saturday, we elected to let Gavin walk a few blocks in Central Square Cambridge by himself between two of his favorite places; the D&D bookstore and the ramen noodle place.

To our fortune, most of “Mental Square” was already overtaken by our giant annual River Festival.  So before Dad even dropped Gavin off for D&D they had already encountered the booth of one of our most beloved trusted adults, our school’s music director Brian Gellerstein.

So, loaded up with his D&D paraphernalia, his “Go-Go Gadget” phone watch (w/ GPS tracking), twenty bucks and a fresh book from the library, he later “strode confidently” -with long strides and purpose like he knows where he’s going- and uneventfully.  Daddy & ClaraJane actually caught back up to him for lunch before he even completed his order.

He even ran into school friends.



I was no where around but this was all a big-ass deal to his poor old mom.

Biggest deal since our first Independence Morning.

Alas, the Gods of Fortune favor us once again.

Praise be.


 *     *     *     *     *     *     *      *

Note:  To be sure, while this is not in fact his first solo journey through Central Square, it is his first SANCTIONED one, SMH.

facepalm emoji


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