Wednesday, March 20th 2019

Today the Hospital Clown becomes hospital mom. My Baby got forcefully shoved onto the pavement at school today and is now home with a concussion.


Good news is the CT scan didn’t show any hemorrhage, brain damage or skull fractures.


She’s been cleared to start napping -and taking it easy for hours, days or weeks- tho I don’t like it at all except for the snuggling and everything else about ClaraJane.

The school -in which I have every confidence- is already on the job of looking into “the incident.” We have the understanding that it was a careless playground accident. Of course that does not stop a mother from asking “W.T.F.” Or stop her from finding exactly out Who. Did. This.

Because you know I will.

The amazing thing is that because her Daddy is the Chef there, *he* is the one who noticed she didn’t seem herself at lunchtime, and brought her into the kitchen for a closer look. *He* brought her to the school nurse who recommended getting screened for concussion. (She’d apparently only complained about her hand, and initially seemed fine. The bruises didn’t show up right away either.). Then he took her to the doctor, who sent them to the hospital. (I left my work too and Ubered right over.) Of all the benefits of him working there, I am more thankful for it on this of all days.

At any rate, now is where we start paying particularly close attention to the miraculous healing powers of the human body.


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4 Responses to Dammit

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    WTF indeed! including WhoTF! Not every Dada, onsite or not, would have noticed such a change in his little girl, or done anything about it, so, yes, I’m glad she’s got a Dada on site, especially THAT Dada. Keep us posted. You know Jessica in HS got a bad concussion playing basketball and the WTF turned out to be a dirty coach who had instructed players to take Jessica out. It’s not always accidental. Nor benign. Jessica didn’t recognize her own mother for two weeks. Kisses from Bubble Wow, please.

    • Indeed Mom. Thanks for that. Didn’t know that about J. Yes so far so good w/ CJ. It does seem like it was accidental but we’ll probably never know. For now we’re just lucky. And CJ is so asymptomatic it’s hard to remember to coddle her! ❤

  2. Louis B. Oberhauser says:

    Clara jane a big hug from your grandpa and get well sooon but you can play it some also if it works for you. love

  3. Hi Pops! CJ Says: hi pops thanks but I think its to late for that. because my mom, dad and brother know that I feel fine. but maybe for my classmates haha!? love you! p.s. mom ,dad and gavin and me all say hi , hello, love you , hello hi hello and hi agan lol we or at least I wish you to come to boston to come and visit soon! p.s.p.s I wrote this 98% MYSELF! love you. love the O”S!

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