Sorta Saint Patricks Day

Sunday, March 17th 2019


Leaving the The Magic Flute at Boston Symphony Hall, my son immediately starts plotting to incorporate the Queen of the Night as a supervillian in his next D&D Quest. (!)

Walking back towards Cambridge we find a pub that is not entirely overrun with St. Patty’s Day celebrants, and stop in for supper.

It’s a wonderful time until wouldn’t you know a coupla pantsless, presumeably homeless guys show up trying to kill their cats while everyone watches politely.  The wailing of the cats is overpowering.

2019-03-17 Sorta Saint Patricks Day [0:49]:


Then we take a bunch of SMOOTS home over the Mass Ave Bridge, check out the Infinite Hallway at M.I.T. and cruise by the Dr. Seuss Building and the Sean Collier Memorial.



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