iMemories: Shipping Time

Sunday, March 3rd 2019


CJ takes a break from the Lego wedding she’s planning to model the iMemories Shipping Box. (o:


After procrastinating for ten months, I’m finally getting this box out of here with just some parts of my soul inside.   As an obsessive documenter with some notable adventures under my belt, I have beloved yet heretofore unearthed footage that’s been sitting around for YEARS.  Thanks to technology and ingenuity, “” is here to digitize the tapes into a viewable (AND downloadable) format at about $12 a pop.  Yass.

So for my own sanity, before I ship these things off in the complimentary box, here is the chronicle of what I’m aspiring to curate here.  On Mini-DV:


Driving over the course of five weeks, I had adventures in:

  1. Boston MA
  2. Amherst MA
  3. Rochester NY,
  4. Dearborn(?) MI
  5. Dayton OH & Louisville KY
  6. Nashville TN
  7. Gulf Shores AL
  8. Biloxi(?) MS
  9. New Orleans LA
  10. Little Rock AR
  11. Lake Ouachita AR
  12. De Queen AR
  13. Dallas TX
  14. Flagstaff & Grand Canyon AR
  15. Irvine CA
  16. San Juaquin Valley CA
  17. Oakland CA
  18. Humboldt County
  19. Portland OR &
  20. Dell’Arte CA.

The tapes -in Mini-DV- seem meticulously labeled:

  1. TN
  8. TGIVING 2000

Some of this footage includes relatives who are no longer with us:  Grandma Nina, Great Aunt Louise, my dear Uncle Ken and my incomparable Uncle Jack to name a few.  And some, apparently, includes my Theatre School classmates jumping into the ocean naked.  I also recall filming a full fledged cos-playing DEVIL leaning his head in my open car window, sticking out his tongue, flipping me the bird and growling, “Welcome to New Orleans.”  In other words, priceless.

I feel pretty freaked out how all this (raw, unedited) footage is going to come back to me.

In fact, I’ve decided that is all the footage I’m going to send at once.  Just ONE, giant, epoch project.

No big deal right?


Here goes nothing…


IN THE HOPPER:  footage from juggling adventures in Hawaii.

ALSO:  Episodes of the local TV show I used to host, lol.

Wish me luck with iMemories!

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