At Rise: Equalality is Like this Tray of Legos

Saturday, March 2nd 2019


AT RISE:  Mom & CJ are each working at their desks in the living room after listening to Bernie Sanders’ campaign launch speech in Brooklyn, NY.

CJ:  Mama?

M:  Yes hon?

CJ:  Equality is like this tray of legos.

M:  Hmm?

CJ:  Well, imagine that all the legos were on just one side of the tray, and it was sinking down. That would be like the power that, like, whites have now.  And the other side?  It would be up in the air.  And That would be unfair!

M: Good point honey!

CJ:  What we NEED is to have the legos all A-ROUND!

M:  !



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