At Rise: For You Mommy

Thursday, February 21st 2019

AT RISE: It is 7:30am. Girl Child climbs in bed where mom is sleeping.

CJ: [Whispering.] Mamma. [Pause.] Mommy? I have something to show you.

Mom: [Mumbling] Hmm… [opens eyes slightly].

CJ: See? It’s a dead battery! I put Elsa tape on it. Then I covered it with clear tape and put a stamp on it.

Mom: Oh! [??]

CJ: [Gently places treasure on mom’s face.] For you.

Mom: Thanks honey.

CJ: You’re welcome. [Leaves bedroom.]



[Moments later we are entirely surrounded by water, I mean, cats.]


PS:  Don’t worry Daddy got one treasure too.

2019-02-21 08.56.39.jpg

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