D&D in Da House

Wednesday, February 20th 2019


D&D “Gameboard,” character sheet & improvised figurines… 


“Dad?  My friends and I were wondering if you could lead us on a little quest, you know,  so we can build up some points…”

Now, I don’t know anything about Dungeons and Dragons except that my son and hubsand have recently jumped into the fever full on.  And while I don’t exactly understand what my son is talking about, I do know that this is a rare and beautiful request.

Hubsand considers, I urge him on, and it’s game on.   Here are the boys, engrossed, for the next several hours.  No internet, all “Quest.”  Pure imagination!

Behold my Dear Hubsand:  The Dungeon Master!

IDK what is happening here but I know it is so *exiting*!


Side note:  Considering my hubsand is the Chef of these kids’ school, I just wonder what it is like for them having this relationship with him in person, lol.

Anyhoo… I’m just glad as hell I was finally able to clear out the junk obstructing the office.  No sooner did that happen did the D&D battles start taking place in there.

More to come for sure, considering my Boy is positively HOOOKED.


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