At Rise: The Secret of Life

Thursday, February 7th 2019

del sleep

AT RISE:  After an unusually stressful night, Gavin is looking like a brand new shiny chipper Boy this morning as he climbs in the front seat of the car.  ClaraJane is in the back.

Mom:  Wow.  (tussling his hair)  YOU’VE just had a dose of the ‘Secret of Life.’

Boy:  [looking puzzled] Huh?

Mom:  According to your Mom’s Mom anyway.  Remember last night when you were so stressed and I told you to go ahead and let it all out, don’t despair; you WILL feel better in the morning?

Boy:  Oh yeah, sleep!

Mom:  That’s right!  Nothing like a good night’s sleep as a cure for whatever ails ya.

Boy: [laughing]  Oh yeah!  I remember when we used to get in these huge fights, and I would go to bed and promise myself, ‘I’m still gonna be mad at her in the morning!‘  But then I would forget and I was never mad at you in the morning!

Gavin & ClaraJane:  Ha ha ha ha!

Mom: [not remembering that]  Heh heh heh… Yeah.

ClaraJane [from the backseat]:   Oh yeah!  And I remember Gavin when WE would get into huge fights and I would say, ‘I’M NEVER TALKING TO YOU A-GAIN!’  But then in the morning I’d always be talking to you again, ha ha ha ha!

All Three: [laughing]

Boy:  Yeah I remember that.  She’d say, ‘I’m never talking to you again!‘ and I’d say [reaching out for a handshake] ‘Ok great you want to make it a deal?’

ClaraJane:  Ha ha!

Boy:  But [changing to a forlorn tone] she never did.

All Three: 


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1 Response to At Rise: The Secret of Life

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    I’m glad it still works and isn’t too much of a Secret.

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