Another Magical Time with ClaraJane

Thursday, Feb 7th 2019


CJ waiting to be picked up in the school office;  “Hang on Mamma,          I just need to finish this book…”


Hard to believe these dental trips might end up among happy memories from this childhood, but they just may.


Little Miss in the chair, whistling and waiting for her BFF Dentist. ❤


ClaraJane is surprisingly chipper after having anticipated THE 100TH DAY OF SCHOOL for weeks and then having a dental appointment in the middle of it.  She responds to Dr. Filstrup’s inquiries by telling her ALL ABOUT the 100 “Orbeez” (water beads) that she brought in the for the occasion; what orbeez are; all the experiments she has performed on them at home (too many to mention here).  My little scientist. ♥

Before long Dr. Filstrup is injecting the anaesthetic;  “Oh ClaraJane you came on a good day because we actually have a lot of new prizes that we didn’t have before.  I mean Edna, doesn’t that make you feel good when you open up the cabinet and see all those new prizes?  It makes me kind of excited, to see all these things lined up that we don’t normally see…”


“Let’s take this out and give it a rinse.  You did it!  No more tight pushes.  You did it.  Hip hip hooray!  You’re doing a good job in there!”


I simply cannot say enough great things about Dr. Filstrup.  She is a Child Whisperer beyond the likes of which I have seen.  And that is coming from Jenny the Juggler.  I am great at coaxing kids through face painting, balloons, bunnies etc.  Dr. Filstrup makes it fun even when getting your TEETH DRILLED.

If you can believe that.

ClaraJane concurs, as we stop off for a quick treat at the bakery.


Now back to the 100th day of school, pronto.   And then back out for soup after school -plus money math practice- on our way to the doctor’s… and ack!   I have to stop taking photos of this creature today!


ClaraJane + Mom


In conclusion:  “C + M.”

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