Victory Lap Nerd Time: Blogging About Blogging

January 1st 2018

Spoiler alert:  Super nerd time here!

Happy New Year to me.  I have finally done it; I have more or less blogged recent events up to present in near real-time.

Being obsessed with photos, videos and documentation means that for YEARS -literally all my life, and especially since having kids- I have been “behind” in documentation at all times.

But thanks to ever evolving technological advancements, devices and apps -and a little grit on my part- my abilities are slowly catching up to my hopeless, eternal WISH to be able to to document in a timely way.

But as of TODAY, January 1st 2019, I am UP TO DATE on all holiday events for the family (like 10 of them) since November.  What’s more, I just finished SCREENING the videos to my family, ON THE TV.

That last one is thanks to finally cracking open the YouTube PLAYLIST Tool.

What also helped a ton is finally creating a rubric -a chart- of steps for me to follow in order to render each documentation (see top image).

There are about 7 to 10 steps involved, including lots of DELETING of course -that most crucial but so often neglected step- and about as many apps on my computer and phone.

To wit:

i-Phone 8S  LIVE Photos

Motion stills – to stitch them together

Aviary to adjust framing or more sensitive lighting and coloring of images.

Splice – to edit into videos with titles and amazing amounts of royalty-free music

(Up til now, sourcing appropriate BACKGROUND MUSIC has been the very most time consuming step… not anymore!)

i-Photos to temporarily store it all.

PicStitch to make photo collages out of photos so as to discard less important originals.

DropBox to permanently store all raw files that make the cut.

YouTube to host all the videos, and even organize them into…


WordPress to host the contents of the blog:  PHOTOS, VIDEOS AND TEXT.


TouchNote to render images into thoughtful postcards automatically sent to loved ones.

I know I’m a nerd but OMG I’m so happy and thankful to be alive in this age and to utilize all these absolutely magical tools!

Now if I could just learn to shower first…


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