Elizabeth Warren Running for POTUS 2020

December 31st 2018

delete warren

Elizabeth Warren in Cambridge MA

Well here’s a bright spot for the end of the year!

It’s no secret my heart belongs to Bernie, but I love her almost as much.  She is my OWN Senator no less, from my OWN town, and in addition to Senator Sanders, no one fights for the working class harder than they do.

She of course will take flack for being FEMALE (horrors), and EDUCATED (more horrors).  The orange ass in the White House has already taken his Pocahontas shots at her (is that really all he’s got?).   And of course the D.C. establishment hates her so much (how dare she set up a BUREAU* to protect CONSUMERS over big banks??) I’m sure they will stop at nothing to stoop as low and dig as deep in their pockets as possible to stop her.

I hope the working class across America will be able to hear her message because just LISTEN: 

Warren on 2020 bid:  I’m in this fight all the way [2:15]:


I wish she wouldn’t use the word “Democrat,” as at this point I hate both parties.  But all the same, be still my heart woman, I love you!

Here’s her actual announcement video:




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