Everything is Magic with ClaraJane

Tuesday, December 4th 2018

delete magical unicorn .jpg

On this day I have the pleasure of taking ClaraJane to her dentist appointment at Cambridge Pediatric Dental Associates

2018-12-04 ClaraJane’s Dental Sillies [11 seconds]:


Glad to say the nightmares from our last dental place are well behind us, as Cambridge Pediatrics does not lie and they ACTUALLY DO specialize in kids.


Afterwards a little “window shopping” finds us pooped and famished.


We land in the loving familiar bosom of our favorite pub, The Druid They even dice up her chicken soup extra small on account of her mouth still being a little sensitive.


She treats me to a book full of jokes and has me read her a story.


#MommyDaughterDay  #DamnILoveThisGirl

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