At Rise: Nothing is Sacred

Sunday, December 2nd 2018

del bathroom break


AT RISE:  Mom, exhausted, has stepped into a Sunday morning shower, alone at last.  The hot water whooshes down enveloping her as droplets tinkle in the drain.  She closes her eyes in gratitude that she gets to stay home today.  Through the sounds she hears a child’s voice muffled through the door.

CHILD:  Um… Mamma? Weh-weh-bla-bla-weh-weh-weh-bla-bla? [Unintelligible request.]

MOM:  [Bursts out laughing, because children are deplorable, nothing is sacred, and we’re all gonna die.]

CHILD:  [Pause.]  Mamma?

MOM:  [Still laughing.]


MOM:  [Renewed guffaws and laughing from the shower…]

CHILD:  [Rollerskates away.]


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1 Response to At Rise: Nothing is Sacred

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    Ah, Pawenthood. Consequences of maewedge.

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