Hospital Clowning: A Mal Adjusted Day

Tuesday, October 9th 2018

What a pleasure to partner with the one and only Dr. Mal Adjusted.

1)  Spidey Legs

spiderman-1In the room of six year old Jake, Dr. Mal proposes to tell a JOKE.  Naturally I interrupt, repeatedly.  Dr. Mal shows me to the bathroom, into which I go immediately.  Setting off all the plumbing I can for audio effect, I start grabbing as much toilet paper as I can and knock on the door to come back out.  When Dr. Mal opens the door I pile the TP on their head.  Dr. Mal jokes around about how it’s too cloudy to see, etc.  Meanwhile young Mr. Jake is wiggling all over his bed in fits of laughter, including both his legs in full-length Spiderman-themed casts.


2.  That’s All Folks


A lovely 11 year old girl patiently watched and laughed from her bed while Dr. Mal & I struggle and argue over how we’re supposed to introduce ourselves.  When we finally get it right, we’re out of time.  Sorry!  We exit with a song to the backdrop of the kind of smile that could light a city.


3) Buttoned Up Tight

pressure cooker

15 year old McKenzie palpably tolerates us skeptically as we check to see whether we are “bothering her.”  Of course I do a bunch of extra checks, systematically testing every silly noise maker in my pockets as her dad looks on.  Once we ascertain our answer (yes), we apologize and make our exit.  As the door slowly closes we hear this strange buzz sound.  Then we hear the Dad erupt in a full belly laugh and say, “So they DID make you laugh!”  We realize the sound had been McKenzie herself, releasing a big “Pffffff!!!” at us on our way out.

So we definitely changed the energy in the room, as is our goal, even if the child only let it change once we LEFT.  It was like a pressure valve being released.

We’ll take it.


4)  Status Playfoghorn_leghorn__henery_hawk_by_matthewhunter

Partnering as clown involves playing with status, eg; Low vs. High. 

With Dr. Mal our status play seems to arrive naturally, mainly in the form of Annoying vs. Frustrated. 

Or Dumb vs. You Gotta Be Kidding Me. 

As I near the completion of my first year doing this work it feels so good to find the relationship and status unfold naturally.  Dr. Mal Adjusted is pure, idiotic, hilarious, wonderful gold.

5)  Today’s Joke Harvest (c/o the best six year old superstar joke teller there is!):

LoL-Meaning-In-Hindi-300x220Q:  What did one owl say to the other?  / A: Happy Owl-oween!

Q: Why did the student eat the homework? / A: B/c teacher said it was a piece of cake.

Q:  What do you get when you cross a vampire with a snowman? / A:  Frostbite!

Q:  Why is the giraffe’s neck so long? / A:  Because his feet stink.  (His butt also.)

Q:  Why was the giraffe late to the party? / A: Because he hit every light on the way.

Q:  Why did the picture go to jail?  / A:  Because it was framed!

Knock Knock. / Who’s there?  / Cow say. /  Cow say who?  /  No, Cow say MOO silly!

Knock Knock. / Who’s there? / Owl say. / Owl say who? / That’s right you got it!



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