Hospital Clowning: Stuff We Can Do

Thursday, October 4th 2018


Stuff Hospital Clowns Can DO

(A working compendium of possible Hospital Clown, um, “Services):

juggle for you

juggle with our partner

blow bubbles

grab prize bubbles

give YOU bubbles

make something disappear

sing you a song

sing a song about YOU

sing ANOTHER song about YOU

make up a song with you

dance you a dance

dance a dance about you

do a song AND dance about you

guess your name

tell you a joke

have you tell US a joke

play a music box

shake our tamborine

make silly noises

show you a coloring book  trick

do “black magic”

answer the banana phone

introduce our partner

walk into a wall

help you walk down the hall

help distract you from medical procedures

close the door in our partner’s face

close the door on our own face

nod in agreement


interrupt a lot

beat you at a staring contest

win a fashion contest

go in your bathroom

diagnose your stinky socks

hypnotize our partner

tell you a story

make fart noises

burp on purpose or by accident

spin around real fast

show you how strong we are

trash your room

squeak your shoe

squeak your pillow

be very, very quiet

give you a sticker

give you a clown nose

put a clown nose on your mom


do a cheer

make fashion from paper towels

hablar Español… un POQUITO

give you two pieces of free advice for the price of one

send you love

stage a play

get tangled in your curtain

have a spat

take a pause

take a breath

take the blame

NOT do

be enough

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performing artist, mom, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, niece... just a regular extraordinary person
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