Ruth Bader Ginsberg Right Here

October 3rd 2018

In OTHER news, can we just f#ck the current so-called “president” and his political rally victim-shaming national gaslighting all the way to hell??   As we teeter on the brink of whether the GOP is R E A L L Y gonna appoint the petulant, lying, anti-women, anti-worker, entitled, alcoholic #Kavenaught to the HIGHEST OFFICE of our nation’s judiciary…

I propose that we turn our gaze to THIS GODDESS RIGHT HERE.

I *still* have yet to see the full length movie documentary about her, but in the meantime here are a couple fantastic gems taking a peek.  ENJOY!!

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg Speaks [9:52]: 



Stephen Works Out With Ruth Bader Ginsburg [6:26]: 





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