HELL NO to Kavenaugh: Top Ten Reasons

Friday, September 28th 2018

(I will corroborate the following claims asap.  Meanwhile I'm writing 
these quickly before work today because there's no time to waste.)

HELL NO to Kavenaugh: Top Ten Reasons


1)  93% of his records remain undisclosed.

2)  He has ruled with corporations over people 73-0.

3)  He doesn’t believe in the separation of church and state.

4)  He believes the president is above the constitution.

5)  He believes that Roe v. Wade is not “settled law.”

6)  There has been no (FBI) INVESTIGATION into the allegations

7)  The first accuser is extremely CREDIBLE

8)  His drinking buddy accomplice has written MEMOIRS to their excessive drinking and dubious position on women’s rights to consent.

9) Supreme Court of the United States is the highest court in the land and necessitates the very highest moral standard (eg: not Clarence Thomas).

10)  He seems very supported by right-wing DARK ASS  money.


11)  As yesterday’s hearing showed us, he is a totally partisan, whiny little bitch who can’t control his emotions any more than he can answer a fucking question directly.


Please call these Senators today, and tell them

#HellNo on Kavenaugh!


Or at LEAST that we need an FBI investigation.

HER:  I'm 100% sure it was him.
HIM:  Wasn't me. 
GOP:  !?!
America:  OMG GOP WTF?!?

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