Academic Stamina: Couch to 5K

September 26th 2018

del couch to 5K

Last week I wrote my Boy’s teacher on account of some stress he was experiencing over homework. She wrote me back some great words and also I hadn’t heard of “Couch to 5K” before, but now I have.  (It’s apparently a well known training concept for beginners to start getting off the couch and eventually be able to run 5 kilometres.)

Thoughts from Ms. Stefanie about homework and Gavin:

Just like with a sport, he needs to build stamina and because his 
academic motivation (for assigned work...) is newly founded he 
probably is just building up that stamina. I say take it like a 
"couch to 5k" some nights you might walk a little and some you 
sprint but it's building that muscle to do longer stretches of 
concentrated work. He also may be someone that needs frequent breaks 
- he doesn't have to be glued to the chair all at once doing the 
work. We will find something that works, whether it's a chart or 
something else. I hope that his mood has improved (he did look like 
his old happy self today). 


I’m mostly just delighted my Boy has decided to CARE so much about his academics now, and that he has such a wonderful teacher.  Not to mention the privilege we have of living in a civil community that is healthy and safe and among other things provides quality public education!


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