My Family at the Democratic UNITY RALLY

Sunday, September 9th 2018

Waiting to get inside


I had work and could not go, but managed to cajole my Dear Hubsand and Cheerdlen to attend the “UNITY RALLY” with our newly elected U.S. Representative AYANNA PRESSLEY and our U.S. Senator ELIZABETH WARREN!

My “Queen” Elizabeth:  The embodiment of positive values and persistence.


I wish I could have been in the room when she said,

‘Listen up, Mr. President: Tick, tock!’


Yet alas DH diligently sent me these photos, and the cheerdlen diligently ducked out to the playground throughout the rally.  But my son has recently named Ayanna Pressley as his personal hero, and ClaraJane told me that all the candidates had to pass by the playground and that Ayanna smiled and WAVED to me!


This Goddess Right Here: Ayanna Pressley


Lots of other representatives and personal heroes were there too:

  • My fave personal State Rep. and ALL AROUND GOOD GUY, Mike Connolly.
  • Massachusetts State Rep. and friend, Marjorie Decker
  • U.S. Representative Catherine Clark
  • Political Comedian, personal hero and regrettably no-longer running for MA Lieutenant Governor, Jimmy Tingle
  • Our Cambridge City Mayer and friendly acquaintance, Marc McGovern


I know it didn’t mean as much to my flamly as it did to me, but I am just so thankful my cheerdlen children are growing up in a community in which Goddesses like these are AROUND, ACCESSIBLE and IN POWER.

“Democratic speakers …emphasized the party’s priorities, including broadening health care coverage, criminal justice reform, environmental protection, support for immigrants, and ending tax breaks that favor big businesses and the wealthy.”      ~Boston Globe


And god willing come November mid-terms we will keep it that way, at the VERY least.



#BlueWave   #PinkWave   #AllVotesMatter  #FlipCongress2018


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