At Rise: Post Carnival Games

Sunday, September 9th 2018


AT RISE:  The Oberhauser Four are walking home from the annual neighborhood carnival around the corner.  The kids run ahead and pause just before home.

Gavin:  [Baps ClaraJane with giant big purple ball.]

ClaraJane [Screaming]: Gavin STOP IT !!!

Gavin:  [Calmly shrugs.]  Ok.

Mom & Dad:  [Look at each other.]

Mom:  I think that was one of the greatest fights I’ve ever seen.  ‘Gavin STOP IT!! … Ok.’

Gavin [Walking back to join them]:  Ha, that wasn’t even a fight!  That was just a big brother being annoying.

ClaraJane:  [Fuming on the front step.]

Gavin:  CJ you have to admit, that was pretty funny.

ClaraJane:  [Waps giant inflatable princess into his face with a thwack.  Smiles.]

Mom:  NOW it’s pretty funny!!!

ClaraJane:  [Explodes into giggles.]

Everyone [cracks up].

[Mom unlocks the door and the kids run ahead, giggling and battling their giant inflatable toys.  Mom and Dad pause to kiss, because this of course is marital bliss.]



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