At Rise: Just Do It

Thursday, September 6th 2018

How the Kids Dressed Themselves Today


AT RISE:  After bringing Boy up to date on the prominent extraordinary current events such as:

  1. Ayanna Pressley’s historic win in our OWN Congressional District,
  2. The GOP trying to bum-rush the Kavenaugh SCOTUS nomination hearing,
  3. Bob Woodward’s new book, FEAR, detailing the “Crazytown” White House,
  4. Anonymous rogue operatives taking government protocol into their own hands from within the White House;

Mom notices Gavin is wearing his Colin Kaepernick t-shirt to school and is telling him about the new Nike “Believe in Something” campaign featuring Kaepernick (re-igniting the tantrums of racists who believe blacks have no right to peacefully protest inequality during the national anthem).

Mom:  So guess what the racists are doing then?

Gavin:  What?

Mom:  Burning their sneakers!


Uncontrollable, hysterical laughter.



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