I Watched Fox News

Wednesday, September 5th 2018


This Goddess Right Here – Ayanna Pressley 


After last night’s spectacular win in MY DISTRICT by U.S. Congresswoman-Elect AYANNA PRESSLEY, I felt emboldened and curious enough this morning to give ol’ Faux News a whirl.   And you’ll never guess what I found.


It’s true; they had a brunette on as a guest.



I don’t know who this brave soul is* but apparently she wades into the GOP Propaganda Machine regularly to do battle, and so articulately as well.  *(OK her name is Jessica Tarlov.)



That is all Faux News has to say about the Progressive Values of the extraordinary candidates finally blossoming up through the old white, tired, oppressive weeds.  To wit:  Ocasio-Cortez, Gillum, Pressley… SANDERS.

This is how the Fox News Bubbleheads sound (and look on the inside) [0:07 secs]:


I love the final exchange in the piece however:

AT RISE:  Faux Blonde Bubbleheads #781, #437 and Articulate Brunette (brunette?!) are discussing the implications of Ayanna Pressley’s victory.

FBB #2,437:  This is Socialism!!  You may not want the label, but your party is embracing a failed ideology that has failed all across the globe.

FBB #1,789:  OK we gotta leave it there.  Thank you so mu…

Articulate Brunette:  Plenty of happy Europeans!

FBB #1,789:  [nervous laugh]  Thanks ladies.


NEXT ON FOX:  Burn your Nikes!


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