Back to School! 2nd & 5th Grade

Tuesday, September 4th 2018

Somehow we make it back from camping  in time to get all our preening, prepping and sleeping done in time for a bang up blast back to school.


Gavin 5th – ClaraJane 2nd


Daddy Chef too!

Back to School Chef!


Miss Katie, Mizzy, and ClaraJane’s new Unicorn Classroom Slippers (!!!):


As ClaraJane boing-boinged through the hallways, our Montessori Specialist Erin said, “I’ve never seen anyone so happy to go back to school in my life.  It’s awesome!”

Gavin was similarly upbeat and enthusiastic, if perhaps more self-contained.

Miss Stephanie, Gavin (upper right) and Morning Circle: 


Our back-to-school rock art contributions to the school Peace Garden:


And here are the hopes of our teachers for our students posted as a welcome back by our inestimable principal, Jaime Frost [1:21]:



It also happens to be Primary Election Day today… so back to fighting fascism it is.


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2 Responses to Back to School! 2nd & 5th Grade

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    Thanks for photos of gorgeous children, chef, and rocks!

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