Mueller’s Indictment Song by James Corden

Friday, August 24th 2018

Truly O.M.G.

This inestimable gem was just brought to my attention, and now I bring it to yours; four minutes of pure gold.

Robert Mueller’s Indictment Song [3:57]:



“For paying off a pornographic actress who could never screw as many men as he does every day”

“I’m indicting him for looking like a syphilitic apricot with rotten scaly skin about to burst.”

“Mr. President, if I may be completely candid. I caught you red and tiny-handed.”

(Still hunting down all the lyrics.)

OMG so great.

Wishing you joy today… and all the days until this nightmare ends and we can begin picking up the pieces of our shattered democracy.


(4 hearts; one for each pillar of our government including a free press.)


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